GYANDA Hostel:

We have planned 'A Home Away from Home'.

Boys are provided a suitable accommodation in GYANDA. Under the direction of management, the hostel warden looks after the residents. Local teachers and non-teaching professionals will support them. The school's boarding program is dubbed "A Home Away from Home." In the hostel, a sincere effort has been made to provide both the physical infrastructure and the human resources necessary to foster a cozy atmosphere. Making the residents feel at home is the goal. Every Saturday, parents could call the school hostels and speak to their wards for a predetermined amount of time.

Numerous activities have been planned, including hiking, theater activities, swimming, yoga, and meditation to make the hostel stay charming, comfortable, energetic, and educational all at the same time. To help students do better academically, regular and special after-school classes will be set up.


Now go push your own limits and succeed!