Science & Management in +2 is a two-year course designed to provide basic understanding and knowledge about the science & contents. Science stream is often chosen to pursue a career in Medical, Engineering, and other Technical fields whereas management is chosen for managerial skills and leadership development. 

The practical component of the course is designed to supplement learning through the application of theory. GYNNDA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with different renowned universities and academic institutes across the country and globe to promote cooperation and advancement of academic and educational exchange programs among the institutions. MOU signed to this effect includes the exchange of students, faculty or staff, development of a special academic program, joint research project, and study abroad program.

Course Structure   of NEB and CBSE    

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  • Comp. English
  • Comp. Nepali
  • Comp. Social Studies 
  • Accountancy 
  • Economics 
  • Computer Science
  • Business Mathematics 
  • Hotel Management 
  • Business Studies

Grade   XI         &             XII

  • English         English
  • Mathematics         Physics
  • PE/CS         Chemistry
  • IP                 Biology
  • Business Studies CS
  • Accountancy PE
  • Economics         Mathematics

ADDITIONAL FEATURES of Science and Mgmt 

To be taken from +2 brochure. 

Besides regular focused classes for the curriculum of NEB/CBSE, GYANDA offers different R&P (Reich &Petch, founded in 1987) based additional activities and program for the students of Management group.

  • MS Office Package
  • Presentation Skill Development Training and Competition.
  • Interpersonal Skill and Personality Development Workshop.
  • Leadership Skill Development Workshop.
  • Public Speaking Training.
  • Field Visit and Report Writing
  • Entrepreneurial Talk Sessions
  • Business Idea Pitching
  • Event Management for school level


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