Structured academic learning is an important goal, not the final destination. So, our extra and co-curricular activities are designed to inculcate human goodness. They are conducted through different students' club. 


A variety of ECAS are available to students through the School, which integrates them into all of the other academic pursuits in which we include them. The list below includes some of the most important ECAs that GYANDA provides both on school days and on other occasions.

A. Soccer Cricket 

B. Basketball 

C. Table Tennis d.

D. Music Clubs: Violin, Piano, Drums, Guitar, and Vocal

E. Taekwondo 

F. Crafts and the Arts

CCA (CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES) (CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES) GYANDA Academy offers a wide range of supplementary programs in addition to its daily lesson plans that follow the national curriculum. The government of Nepal's curriculum is supplemented by events like debates, quizzes, essay contests, spelling bees, and public speaking competitions that are held throughout the year for the students' overall growth. The importance of co-curricular activities is emphasized heavily in GYANDA Academy. Through a variety of management abilities, including how to plan and deliver an activity, build skills, and cooperate and coordinate in various contexts, these exercises help students improve their leadership qualities. Co-curricular activities give students a chance to interact with one another, participate in the process of self-identification, and analyze their own performance.. It increases the students' ability and decision-making skills while instilling the ideals of respect for others' opinions and feelings. Additionally, CCAs at GYANDA support the development of a sense of ownership over academic activities and learning. CCAS enhances physical, psychological, ethical, academic, civic, social, cultural, recreational, and disciplinary qualities while motivating learning. GYANDA expands on the CCAS listed:

  • Debate
  • Art
  • Music Drama
  • Story telling competition
  • Essay writing competition of Art craft
  • Recitation competition
  • Wall magazine decoration
  • Write ups for school magazine
  • Folk dance

Talent Hunt Show • Preparation of chart & models

Album making


Clay modeling

Toy making

Celebration & Marking of festivals Outreach Programs

Community Awareness

Parent School Association 

Following our belief that learning should take place in an interactive, sharing framework. We at GYANDA invite consultation and move our educational process forward with the events and sessions that are listed but are also very significant. 


Now go push your own limits and succeed!